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Setup Instructions

1. Remove the battery cover. Remove the plastic battery cover inside the hat by wiggling it back and forth while pulling towards yourself.

*If the cover is tougher to pull off, use a set of pliers to pull up the corner pins of the battery cover and apply the same removal technique.

2. Insert 2 AA batteries. Once the battery cover is removed, the black battery inverter will be exposed to insert the batteries. Gently lift up the black inverter to slide down the inverter cover. Insert batteries & close inverter cover.

3. Put all covers back. The black inverter should be stored snug in it's pocket & the plastic battery cover on top of it holds it in place. 

4. Turn it on. Push the circular button on the battery cover. A red light will turn on to indicate that your inverter is working & turn on your hat lights. Our battery inverters have 3 different light settings : Solid, Blink, & Flashing. Cycle through all 3 settings to turn off the inverter & hat lights.

Red Light Indicator

You can tell the inverter is on by a red light that turns on when you push the circular button on the inverter.

1. Check the direction of the inserted batteries. make sure they are put in the correct way.

2. Check the white connection point between the EL and the inverter, the connection may have come loose and disconnected

3. Check the metal pins within the white connecter to see if they are bent or have come loose. If they are bent or loose, bend the pins to straighten them & re-insert them through the white connector piece. Listen/feel for a light click to verify the pin has been reset and is in place.

4. Replace the Inverter. If you went through the previous checklist and the lights still aren’t lighting up, try a replacement inverter to verify if it’s a bad inverter.

Light Wire Problem

Please connect the lights to the inverter by using the white connector joint and click the button to turn on the inverter.

1. Locate and grab the clear/black rubber covering on the light wire between the clear wire and the light up section of the wire.

2. While the inverter is on (indicated by the red light turned on) gently twist, turn and wiggle the rubber connection back and forth to see if the wire lights up for a split second.

3. If it lights up for only a second, then it’s a light wire connection problem & you will need a new hat.

Replacement Cover

If you've lost or misplaced your battery cover you can purchase a replacement here.

Replacement Inverter

Different generations of Neon Cowboys' hats have different inverter connections. Our current collection runs on "Male" (output) inverters. 

1. Remove your inverter by gently pulling apart your white connector piece and seeing which type of end cap your inverter is attached to.

2. Examine if it's a protruding connector or a receiving connector. Reference images in product listing to match yours.

Hat is Too Large

As stated in our product description our hats are 23 inches in circumference. 

You can reduce the head size by lining the crown with additional padding. 

When the entire hat is lined it has been able to fit 4 year old children (estimated 5 pads)

We will also be releasing "Chin Straps" to help secure your hat this summer '21

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