Make a Choker with our LED Face Jewelry

Make a Choker with our LED Face Jewelry

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Make your own Light Up Choker with our LED Face Jewelry!

Turn your LED Face Jewelry by Neon Cowboys into a light up choker to make everyone around you have a double take. Because who needs regular jewelry when yours can light up??

Items you will need: 

  • 3 LED Face Jewelry Sets

This item is linked below.

How to:

This tutorial is one of our easiest yet. All you’re going to do is start by adhering the given glue in our LED Face Jewelry kit and apply it to the back of your LED shape. For this tutorial, I will be using the brand new Yellow Star shape. 

Then, wait for the glue to get a bit tacky. This is much like eyelash glue where you should wait about 15-20 seconds before applying.

You’re going to apply the first star right in the middle of your neck with the wires facing down. If you find that the included glue is not strong enough, we recommend using something like Spirit Gum. You’ll find the link to this adhesive below.

We are going to repeat this process but now with each side of our neck. For the left side, apply two stars with the wires facing to the left and for the right side, apply two stars with the wires facing to the right.

Next, connect the two stars on the left to one battery, connect the middle star to one battery, and the two stars on the right to one battery. 

Once you have done so, attach your clips for the left and right sets of stars and place them into the hair to hide the wires on the back of your head. For the middle star, I simply tucked it into my shirt but you can choose to hide the battery pack in an ideal location for your use. 

Love, Mirai 

Your Neon Cowboy


Still confused? Watch these videos.

LED Face Jewelry Choker Tutorial


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