3 Ways to Style a Space Cowgirl Costume

3 Ways to Style a Space Cowgirl Costume

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DIY Space Cowgirl Costume

We’ll be going through three different ways to create your own Space Cowgirl Costume using a ton of our amazing products from our original Neon Cowboys Hat to our new Alien LED Face Jewelry.

Option 1: Let’s go for a classic space cowgirl costume using our Signature Neon Cowboys Hat and our beautiful two in one Gingham Skirt as seen in our New York Fashion Week show. Maybe toss on a pair of cowboy boots and yee haw your way to the cutest at the party. 

1. Signature Neon Cowboys Hat


2. Ruffle Top


3. Gingham Mini Bustle Skirt



Option 2: Now we’ve gone the cute and classic cowgirl theme, how about we do something else a little out of this world? Let’s go for the most futurist lit up alien that ever existed! Using our Alien LED Face Jewelry and Green OPM Boots, you’ll have all sorts of heads turning towards you… including extraterrestrial ones.

1. Alien LED Face Jewelry


2. Green Out Past Midnight Boots


3. Alien Headband


4. Green Sparkly Dress



Option 3: So what’s the animal most commonly associated with a farm? I’ll give you a hint… MOOO! Let’s channel your inner Doja vibes with this comfy yet sexy fit with our Cow Joggers and functional yet stunning Light Up Belt Bag. Throw on a pair of ears and a little crop top and you are ready to go!

1. Bandana Halter Tie Front Top


2. Cow Joggers


3. Light-up Belt Bag


4. Cow Ears



See customer inspiration photos below:





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