Check out this Glow in the Dark Pixelated Hat

Check out this Glow in the Dark Pixelated Hat

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Check out this Glow in the Dark Pixelated Hat:

As requested, let’s make a gorgeously girly glow in the dark version of our Neon Cowboys Hat. We are using Perler beads to create pixelated floral designs you can easily glue to the hat in a fun all over pattern. 

Items you will need: 

  • One Original Neon Cowboys Hat
  • Glow in the Dark Perler Beads
  • Perler PegBoards
  • Gorilla Contact Adhesive Clear Grip
  • Iron 

As usual, all items will be linked below at the end of this post.


How to:

This tutorial is definitely a blast from the past. If you were a crafty child, you probably remember Perler beads, otherwise known as Fuse beads, where you would assemble small plastic beads into fun patterns and designs for your enjoyment.  

We’re gonna be creating loads of pixelated flowers and some hearts to create a hat only fit for someone like Princess Peach to wear. I also created a 3D ring out of the Perler beads to go around the Neon Cowboys logo on the front of the hat to tie the whole piece together.

Using the sheet of parchment paper that comes in the pegboard kit, place over the designs we have just created. You will iron each pegboard individually pressing with smooth strokes so as not to melt the beads too much. This will allow you to have one side that is still pixelated.

Wait for the pieces to cool down and flip the parchment over to peel back the new appliques we have created.

For this hat, I made 5 hearts, 1 ring and 40 flowers. 

Next, apply the Gorilla Contact Adhesive Clear Grip to the back of each applique.

This will take about 24 hours to cure so do not wear the hat until the time has passed. I placed one heart on the front of the hat’s brim and two hearts on either side of the hat on top of two of the ventilation holes with a flower in between. Since the appliques have holes, you can still place our chinstrap through the ventilation holes. 

Then I placed the rest of the flowers around the hat spacing them around the front heart.


And there you have it! Just shine some UV light on your hat and watch as the appliques glow and shine! Otherwise, take this hat out in the daylight so that springtime colors can bring cheer. Happy DIYing! 

Love, Mirai 

Your Neon Cowboy

Still confused? Watch our mini video on TikTok now!

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