DIY: Customize your hat

DIY: Customize your hat

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We love to provide our fans with the very best modern Western wear and we absolutely love it when somebody takes one of our hats and really makes it their own!

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Neon cowgirls #lit

A post shared by Samantha Rush (@samantha_rush) on

 samantha_rush@neoncowboys notice how I drilled holes and strung shoelace through to create much needed stampede strings (it relieves weight and provides a chance to air out head/hairdo on hot summer nights) #macgyver 💁🏼‍♀️ #handsfree and still lighting up the party 🤗✨


 We love the Stampede Strings - great idea!

Love the lettering!

Diy: Customize Your Hat

Excellent use of rhinestone if you ask us :D

Diy: Customize Your Hat

Who says unicorns aren't real!?

Neon Cowboys Handpainted Flowers

Hand painted flowers & dots with acrylic paint. Sealed with clear spray adhesive.

 Nicky Ottav Neon Cowboys Bedazzeled

Nicky Ottav Neon Cowboys Bedazzeled

Nicky Ottav bedazzled and customized his Neon Cowboys hat for his gallery opening.

We want to continue to highlight the clever innovations some of our customers have come up with. Send us yours and we'll see if we can't feature it here!

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